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Air Liquide Healthcare

Air Liquide, established in 1902 as a gas manufacturing and distribution company, today has over 10,000 employees worldwide devoted to Healthcare activities, and serves over 1 million patients.

“Today, the ageing population, the rise of chronic diseases, the rapid increase in healthcare needs in developing economies, the influx of new technologies, and the healthcare budgetary constraints determine our environment and constitute major challenges for the next few years. To overcome these challenges and to help create sustainable, innovative, and cost-effective solutions for our customers, we can count on the professionalism and commitment of our 10,000 employees around the world.”

Pascal Vinet – Vice President, Healthcare Global Operations and member of the Group Executive Committee

About Air Liquide

Air Liquide is the world leader in gases for industry, health and the environment, and is present in 80 countries with close to 50,000 employees. Oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and rare gases have been at the core of our activities since our creation in 1902.

Oxygen for hospitals, home healthcare, innovative products and hygiene… Air Liquide combines many products and technologies to develop valuable applications and services not only for its customers but also for society.

A partner for the long term, Air Liquide relies on employee commitment, customer trust and shareholder support to pursue its vision of sustainable, competitive growth.

Air Liquide explores the best that air can offer to preserve life, staying true to its Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable development approach.

Air Liquide

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