How CPAP improves lives

Once successfully treated, you can return to enjoying life to its fullest – you will enjoy both lifestyle and medical benefits.

CPAP Treatment Benefits: Potential Lifestyle Improvements include:

  • Alertness while driving
  • Job performance
  • Mood and energy
  • Sexual drive and performance
  • Quality of life
  • Reduced bed partner disturbance

You may also experience:

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Better glucose control and insulin sensitivity
  • Decreased or eliminated depression

It is important to realize that CPAP therapy is not a cure, but an ongoing treatment for OSA. Therefore it is essential to choose a provider with an excellent follow up and quality assurance program which is critical to your long term results and health status to enjoy CPAP treatment benefits.

My Life has been Improved

Improves LIves

Client letters and web site comments sent to VitalAire

Client 1

There are many events in a lifetime that can make dramatic changes in our lives. I has a heart condition diagnosed and it had been treated by a Dr. here in my hometown and things were slowly improving.

In the process of being treated I visited a specialist who deals with arrhythmia. He suggested that I go to the sleep clinic to be checked for sleep disorders. I found that my sleep was terribly interrupted by apnea.

For many years I was waking often in the night as many as twenty times that I counted. My sleep was not restful and I was suffering sleep deprivation.

I was prescribed a VitalAire CPAP machine and I started to wear it. My sleep was uninterrupted for at least six to seven hours every night. I was feeling much better with much more energy and awareness.

The machine has changed my life. To truly rest and dream at night has been such a pleasure. To be refreshed and ready for the next day has given me a new outlook. The goes on vacation and I would not be without it.

The doctor said that I might not have developed heart problems if I had my CPAP earlier. This has been one of those life-altering events in my life.


Client 2

8 years ago I would have been described as a restless sleeper, always tired, could nap on demand and some would have the nerve to say I was often irritable and that I could snore like a freight train.

Being diagnosed with sleep apnea, purchasing a CPAP machine and meeting the folks at VitalAire has changed my life for the better.

No longer do I nap….I know what a good sleep should be! I no longer keep the neighbours awake! I would not leave home without my CPAP machine….it has been all over the world.

Thank you (B) and (Y) you are the greatest!


Client 3

I am a 53 yr old male and have had a snoring issue for many years, which, over time, got progressively worse in duration and intensity. Initially I snored while lying on my back and over time I began to snore in any position including reclined sitting positions such as in cars and on planes. Luckily for me, I am a sound sleeper so my sleep was unaffected by this development (so I thought) but for others, i.e. my fellow car and plane passengers, and more importantly my wife, they were not so lucky.

For several years I felt tired during the day even after getting 8-10 hours of sleep a night. I would rarely miss having to have an evening cat nap after supper during weeknights and during the day on weekends. The results of my (sleep) test indicated I had severe sleep apnea with around 55 sleep disturbances per hour. VitalAire provided a CPAP machine to try and see if it reduced my snoring episodes and sleep disturbances.

The very first night, to my wife’s joy, I did not snore once. She could not get over how effective it was at eliminating my snoring condition. I of course did not feel any different initially, and while it effectively eliminated my snoring, it did take several weeks to get use to the mask and find a comfortable format that worked for me (I finally settled on the nose pillows). Today over a year later, using the CPAP is second nature to me. I often have to travel for my job and it goes with me always. My sleep disturbances have gone from 55 to 2 per hour. I feel more rested when I wake up now. I have begun to have dreams which I hadn’t experienced for years, probably because I never experienced deep REM sleep.

(G) has been very helpful in getting me set up and in maintaining periodic checks on the machine and analyzing my sleep data. I am very pleased with the professionalism of (G) and the great service (G) and VitalAire have provided. I am so glad that the CPAP technology has worked for me.

Thanks (G)

From (D), a very satisfied client.