Long Term Care and Specialty Respiratory Services

long term care oxygen

Our Registered Respiratory Therapists and Registered Nurses can assist you with patient assessment and oxygen therapy by providing oximetry at rest, with exercise or nocturnally. We typically have multiple clients at each location so we frequently visit your location to ensure your clients are being treated safely and effectively.

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Our professional staff will assist you by providing:

  • Baseline clinical assessment – initiate oxygen therapy prescription and use assessment to ensure appropriate oxygenation
  • The appropriate oxygen systems for your patients and facility specifications
  • Regular follow-up visits to ensure care plans are achieved
  • Written patient assessments for the facility and physician
  • Communication to other members of the health care team
  • 24/7 access to VitalAire

Access to Education and In-Services

At VitalAire we have created training courses on critical topics related to oxygen therapy and respiratory care. Below are the courses available on this website (click on the title to begin training):

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Funding Criteria vary by Province and are subject to CHANGE

Clinical Outcomes for Your Residents

Clinically, VitalAire can help maximize resident mobility within and around your facility which provides your patients with:

  • Increased quality of life 1, 2
  • Increased survival 1, 2
  • Reduced depression 3, 4
  • Reduced hospitalizations 5

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