Home Oxygen Therapy Funding 


If you have a Doctor’s prescription for home oxygen therapy it means that your quality and length of life could improve with oxygen therapy.

Home Oxygen Therapy Funding can vary and depends on things like:

    • the province you live in
    • your blood oxygen levels at different times (at rest, at night or on exertion)
    • the type of insurance you have
    • your eligibility for federal programs (such as Veterans Affairs, NIHB)

Please click below to learn more about funding that may be available to you or contact your local office HERE

Most provinces provide partial or complete funding for Home Oxygen Therapy

To find out more about provincial home oxygen therapy funding, click on your Province below

British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Quebec Newfoundland New Brunswick Nova Scotia PEI

Other Funding options are listed below:

Private Purchase          purchase       Veterans Affairs          NIHB

Private Insurance           Direct Purchase        Veterans Affairs    Non Insured Health                                                                                                               Benefits (NIHB)

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