Liquid Oxygen Systems

Comfort and Convenience

Liquid Oxygen System

Liquid Oxygen Portables are designed to maximize your comfort, convenience and ambulation. Offered in an attractive leather-finish case, the Spirit models provide the average oxygen patient with longer duration, lightweight oxygen therapy on the move. With their light weight and comfortable, good-looking design, Spirits offer a new dimension of patient freedom.

Lightweight models have a built-in electronic Digital Oxygen Conserving Device (DOCD), which delivers a set pulse volume of gas with each breath. The DOCD extends oxygen duration per setting, while allowing for the overall small size and light weight of the unit. The DOCD is powered by long-lasting dual C cell batteries, which are easy to change. The one, simple-to-use control knob is user-friendly for the patient, while the soft feature case promotes patient comfort and confidence.

Available in side and top fill options, the lightweight Spirits are easy to fill. The one step filling procedure is completed in under one minute, with no power requirements and no noise.


  • Small, lightweight design allows for a more active lifestyle
  • Easy portability, making them ideal as a travel oxygen option
  • Selectable flow rates from 1-5 LPM, and a continuous flow setting
  • Provide between 7-28 hours of use at 2 LPM
  • Available in side-fill or top-fill compatibility
  • Comfortable soft case
  • Lightweight oxygen option for home and travel

Home Oxygen Product Manuals

It is important to review the Manufacturer’s manual for your particular home oxygen system.

Liquid Oxygen Systems

Note: VitalAire does not guarantee that these are the latest product manuals available for outlined products. Contact your local office to determine the Manufacturer and/or Model number that you have/need.