Oxygen Tanks


Oxygen Tanks:

Cylinders are high pressure vessels made to strict specifications, of aluminum or steel. They hold oxygen gas at pressures of approximately 2000 psi (pounds per square inch). A combination regulator and flowmeter (we call the whole thing the regulator) is attached to the cylinders to reduce the pressure from the cylinder to about 50 psi, and allow the oxygen to be metered out according to the prescription.

Cylinders are seldom the main oxygen supply, and are usually provided for mobility or for back up of a Concentrator in the case of a power failure.

Oxygen Conserving Device (or Pulse-dose)

These devices provide a pulse of oxygen delivered as you inhale. Since the oxygen flow is on only during inspiration, the contents of the cylinder will last longer. (These devices may not be available in all areas).

They also have disadvantages in that Clients should be tested during activities to ensure an adequate blood oxygen level is maintained. They should not be used during sleep as sometimes shallow breathing may not “trigger” the device and oxygen may not be delivered.

Home Oxygen Product Manuals

It is important to review the Manufacturer’s manual for your particular home oxygen system.


Oxygen Conserving Devices (OCD’s)

Note: VitalAire does not guarantee that these are the latest product manuals available for outlined products. Contact your local office to determine the Manufacturer and/or Model number that you have/need.