Travelling with Oxygen

We know that you wish to enjoy life to the fullest everyday, so we take care of your home oxygen needs across Canada.

Travelling With Home OxygenIf you are travelling with oxygen you will receive our Transporting and Travelling with Oxygen Safely Brochure: This discusses travelling safely in a variety of transportation modes.

Enjoy life’s travels with confidence as VitalAire assists you with your portable oxygen needs. With 100 Clinics, we are ready to meet your travel needs across Canada. VitalAire Healthcare also operates in 30 other countries around the world so we may be able to accommodate your international travel needs as well.

Oxygen therapy doesn’t mean being stuck at home. There is equipment available that allows you to be mobile and the availability of oxygen in many places means that travel is an option for you. If you like to travel, VitalAire is your best home oxygen choice in Canada.


If you receive assistance for the cost of home oxygen from a government or insurance program, please note that the cost of oxygen and related supplies when travelling may not be directly covered.

Programs vary and may not reimburse you for these costs. There may be fees associated with the delivery of oxygen equipment to your travel destination. Airlines may also charge if you require oxygen during a flight. Save all your receipts. You will need them if you are going to be reimbursed by a funding agency or insurance plan.

Make Arrangements in Advance

When travelling, make arrangements to pick-up your oxygen well in advance.

  • Provincial: 1 week in advance
  • National: 2 weeks in advance
  • International: VitalAire may be able to help you as VitalAire has sister companies in 30 countries, contact us 1 month in advance

Final Tips:

  • Bring a letter from your physician with your name, diagnosis, and medications currently used. This will help simplify treatment if needed. Ensure that you have multiple copies of your oxygen prescription with you
  • Make a checklist of supplies, prescriptions, and medications needed for your trip. Remember to include your wrench/stroller key, cannula, and connectors
  • Keep all sources of combustion (cigarette lighters, candles etc.) away from your oxygen equipment

Traveling with Oxygen Links:


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Contact your local VitalAire clinic four weeks in advance of your travel plans.