The VitalAire Sleep Health Commitment

Our commitment is to help our sleep clients through every stage of their sleep health journey using a personalized, one-on-one approach to better sleep, health and well-being. Together we achieve optimal outcomes through education, ongoing coaching, support, and clinical expertise.


Assessment – Sleep Diagnostic

Our experienced therapists will help evaluate your sleep health and determine your risk of OSA. If Sleep Apnea is suspected, overnight tests may be ordered to determine with more accuracy if you have OSA.

Initiation – Therapy Initiation Program

During this complimentary initiation period, our therapists work closely with you to fit you with the right CPAP mask and machine customized to your needs and preferences. We’ll use telemonitoring to track your progress, coach and support you through the entire process.

Therapy – Essential Health Program

We’ve developed a series of value packages customized to meet your specific needs and comfort preferences, which will help make your CPAP therapy more effective and successful from the get-go.

Compliance – StayWell Support Program

We are committed to checking in on your progress, helping you stay on therapy while  maintaining optimal equipment at key points along your CPAP journey. Our dedicated team will actively follow up with you to provide you with any support or education you may need.