VitalAire’s® unique Sleep Health CommitmentTM program helps patients achieve optimal results through education, coaching and clinical expertise. It’s a systematic, personalized, step-by-step approach through all stages of the CPAP journey that helps Canadians get the sleep they deserve!  That’s our Commitment to YOU by over 250 Healthcare Professionals in 100 clinics across Canada.

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  • Assessment Sleep Diagnostic Program

    One of the challenges with Obstructive Sleep Apnea(OSA) is 75% of cases go undiagnosed. Untreated OSA can significantly impact long term health outcomes with illnesses like diabetes, congestive heart failure and obesity to name a few. At VitalAire, we believe a comprehensive, accessible diagnostic program along with sleep health awareness and education is the key to assessing OSA.

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  • Initiation Therapy Initiation Program

    Once assessed with OSA, patients may have difficulty adapting to their treatment which includes CPAP therapy. Effective CPAP therapy can achieve uninterrupted sleep to help your patients get more enjoyment out of their waking hours. CPAP therapy is expertly customized for each patient and implemented following our Therapy Initiation Program.

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  • Therapy Essential Health Program

    Compliance is the key to success when treating OSA. To help patients stay on track with their therapy, VitalAire provides an Essential Health Program that ensures the right resources - machine, mask, hygiene and comfort products and extraordinary, personalized care - are available at the right time.

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  • Compliance StayWell Support Program

    OSA is typically a life-long condition requiring long-term compliance. Ongoing use of CPAP equipment dramatically improves energy levels, and often, many other health conditions. Through the Stay Well Support Program, we commit to checking in on patient progress and helping maintain equipment at key points along the CPAP journey. VitalAire takes great pride in being a trusted member of your patients’ health care team.

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Sleep Diagnostic Program Our Approach to Diagnosis
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Therapy Initiation Program Our Approach to Therapy Initiation
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Essential Health Program Our Approach to The First Year of Therapy
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StayWell Support Program Our Appproach to Compliance
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