Our fill plants are dedicated to medical gases and operate under the most stringent quality controls. With a 100% focus on healthcare, our national network of fill plants ensures our customers enjoy unparalleled supply chain reliability.

Medical Gases

We offer a wide range of pharmacopeia grade gases to our healthcare customers and homecare patients. more

KINOX™ Nitric Oxide

KINOX™ Nitric Oxide is Air Liquide Healthcare’s new Health Canada approved inhaled nitric oxide, which comes in 800ppm and 100ppm cylinder format  more


Intelli-OX™ is the industry’s safest and most innovative lightweight oxygen USP delivery system. Intelli-OX™ evolves from traditional pressure data to “time remaining” information allowing caregivers to focus on their patients. more

Total Gas Management (TGM)

TGM is a customized onsite supply chain solution providing our customers with a comprehensive inventory management program for all of their medical gas cylinder needs. more

Equipment & Accessories

We carry an extensive range of medical gas equipment and accessories to meet our customer’s needs. more

  • Regulators
  • Cylinder Carts
  • Medical Gas Accessories